Carol Gracco, Ph.D.

Professional voice care

  • Care of Professional voice for singers, actors, public speakers, teachers
  • Training in healthy and efficient voice production

Diagnostic services

  • Diagnostic service for evaluation of swallowing disorders
  • Evaluation of speech disorders specific to neurological disease

Video stroboscopic analysis

  • Evaluation, treatmnent for vocal fold/vocal cord dysfunction
  • Treatment of pediatric voice and articulation disorders

About the Institute for Voice and Speech

The Institute for Voice and Speech is a state-of-the-art laboratory facility dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of communicative disorders, and is the only facility of its kind between Boston and New York City. Through the Institute, Dr. Gracco has been working closely with otolaryngologists and pulmonologists throughout the State of Connecticut since 1993 to offer highly specialized speech pathology services to their patients.
With careful diagnostic attention to voice and speech disorders, treatment may be more efficient, and intervention more effective. Imaging and analysis of laryngeal and vocal fold behavior, combined with acoustic analysis of speech signals, is invaluable in measuring and monitoring pre- and post-treatment and surgical outcome. With these tools, surgical intervention in vocal tract disorders may be enhanced. Videostroboscopic imaging in particular provides a greater magnification of the vocal fold area and is a useful adjunct to the much smaller view obtainable by flexible fiberoptic imaging.
The high quality of the image obtained from the videostroboscopic examination is also crucial for cost-effective short-term nonsurgical management. For example, muscle tension dysphonia, spasmodic dysphonia and vocal cord dysfunction are among the more difficult to diagnose, but are effectively assessed and treated in the Institute setting. Routine videostroboscobic image analysis is also essential in the early diagnosis and treatment of smoking-related voice disorders of the larynx and vocal tract.

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology covers a broad range of communicative disorders involving dysfunction of the vocal tract or its components: the larynx, lips, tongue or jaw. Disorders of movement of any part of the vocal tract or the respiratory system may influence the sound emitted as speech.

Voicing, or the source of sound produced at the vocal folds, may be affected in isolation or voice deficits may exist in combination with other speech and language disorders. The symptoms of voice disorders may result from a variety of primary deficits including neurological disease, trauma, respiratory conditions, or developmental disorders. Disordered speech reflects symptoms of dysfunction in underlying mechanisms and is often highly treatable.

About Carol Gracco

Dr. Carol Gracco holds a Ph.D. in Speech Science, Anatomy and Physiology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and is affiliated with Haskins Laboratories where she completed her post-doctoral research training. She has practiced in the field of speech pathology since 1978. Her clinical specializations include voice, neurogenics and swallowing disorders with special emphases on diagnostic laryngeal imaging and acoustic analysis. As an affiliate of Yale University, Dr. Gracco established the first clinical speech and voice physiology laboratory there in 1993. She has served as principal investigator on grants on Parkinson’s Disease and Voice Disorders awarded by the National Institutes of Health. She is also a noted lecturer in voice and speech science, and has numerous publications in vocal tract disorders. Dr. Gracco is ASHA certified, and is licensed by the State of Connecticut.

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